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Gallery Room
This is simply a default version of the gallery page. In this one, I display pictures of me, my friends and pets.

rival charlestonOn the left, this is mr. Rival Charleston.
He is a very good friend.
He is a plane mechanic student at a college in Fl, but soon to transfer in Massachusetts.
Drop him a few lines at,

jhonny charleston


On the right, is Master JP.
A business man who does not play with his job, making
business. Whoever you are, and wherever you are, he is willing
to do legal business with you.Wanna get in touch with him? Good! Click here.


hugno delius

This is HD, not for "High Definition" but AKA EasyLove. He's in the music industry. He think he's Kanye West but from my perspective, he has a very long way to go to get there. Soon he'll release an album in Canada.
Get in touch with him, he needs pianist and singer for his band.
Just click here.



Want to know anything about health and or in the medical related fields? She is the right person to try to get in touch with. As a Registered Nurse Assistant, she is helping a lot of life and making big bucks too.
Be her friend, chat for a minute of two, or drop her a few lines.
Click here.

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