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dog_and_kittyWelcome to ""

This website is created for various purposes, but the main reason remain why you would make it your #1 site to refer to from now on. Friends, not only can be used for human's purpose, but also can be a great website to show relations between one's pets or the nature with us.

Quickly, let me introduce myself. My name is James Dumornay and my main responsibility in this website is:

  • To make sure the site looks nice.
  • Make it easy to navigate through for anybody.
  • Make sure useful information is available and not dupicated to avoid confusions.
    Well, basically my duty is to maintain the site.

    The Executive Board of the Friends have plans to make this site a very efficient too for youl to communicate with your friends, family members, co-workers... easily and on a daily basis. Some of these features are: the Gallery and the Chatroom.

Updated on: Thursday, December 17, 2009 by James Dumornay.