About ChristineChristine sitting in a large rocking chair.

Christine has spent parts of her life all across the United States. With a father employed by the FBI, stability was not afforded. Christine and her family have lived in New Jersey, Louisiana, Virginia, Texas, Utah and Hawaii. On top of that, Christine has lived in California, Colorado and Massachusetts, where she currently resides. While in Boulder, Colorado, Christine moonlighted as an independent housekeeper while managing the Gunbarrell Athletic Club. Being from the Mountain region, Christine is an avid skier. Before injuring her feet, Christine was also an avid runner. Christine graduated from Mass Bay Community College in 2005 with a degree in Physical Therapy. While in school, Christine worked at the Wellbridge Athletic Club in Harvard Square. She began as a front desk associate and Manager on Duty, but eventually got her certification in Personal Training. She is currently working as a Physical Therapist Assistant Cambridge, which she enjoys thoroughly, while continuing personal training on the side. However, she has so much more to offer and that is why you are here.

Services Include: