Welcome to the World of Guinea Pigs. I hope you will be able to find some valuable information on guinea pig care here.

As an owner of two guinea pigs for five years, I find that a lot of people are misinformed about guinea pigs. They are often called hamsters, rats and whatnot! In general, people think that guinea pigs are something that can be given to a 7 year-old child as a first pet. This is absolutely incorrect. This is one reason why a lot of piggies end up in rescues and dumpsters. It's really heartbreaking, actually. I try not to think too much about all that because it really upsets me. BUT, I do hope that this website provides some useful insight on how to take care of guinea pigs if you decide to get them as pets. They can be such wonderful companions!

Please click on the various links to navigate through my website, to learn (and have fun!) about the World of Guinea Pigs!

Picture of Peggy!
Really cute guinea pig!