Online Resources

Before you get a guinea pig as a pet, please research them as much as possible. That's what I did before getting my own piggies. I've listed some of the websites that were very helpful for me and really taught me a lot about the care and needs of guinea pigs.

Guinea Lynx - The best place to start off your research on having guinea pigs as pets. I would even go further and say this page is all you need as it contains pretty much everything useful you need to know, with links to other useful websites.

Guinea Pig Cages - All you need to know about how to make a C & C cage!

Guinea Pig Cages - Forum - A forum where you can communicate with other guinea pig owners! People post about all sorts of guinea pig related things there that could be useful information for you. When you have a question and can't find any answers online, you can post your question on this message board and you will get an answer from fellow piggies owners. A lot of them are very knowledgeable and want the best for every guinea pig in the world. You can also find great pictures of other piggies, cage set-ups, toys, piggy houses and a lot more. You do have to register as a member to post on the forum; it's free to register. It's a great community!

The Cozy Cavy - Where you can purchase all sorts of goodies for your piggies. You can get cuddle cups, companion saks, cozy cottages and cozy caves, just to name a few! Best of all, you can personalize your order! Most items are made to order so you can choose the fabric and color for your item. I only have a couple of cuddle cups from The Cozy Cavy at the moment and hope to get more soon. Really cute stuff, check them out!

Pet Food Direct - Online pet food retailer. They sell supplies and foods for all kinds of pets. Their prices are pretty good too, cheaper than most pet stores. I usually get the bedding, hay and even pellets from here. They are reliable and their shipping is super fast!

Oxbow - For good quality hay, pellets and other supplies.

Kleenmama's Hayloft - For good quality hay and pellets.